The Walls of My Hall / Video installation, total dur. 23’00” / HD video on six screens, radios / in collaboration with architect Jan Wolski / 2008


The Walls of My Hall is a six-channel video installation focusing on a human body as a locus for existence by dissolving other materia of the imaginary, built environment around it. The immersive installation can also be seen as a tragicomic study of man-made environment – which may be imagined based on the invisible surfaces the gravity lays the bodies on as well as on the relations of those bodies to each other – and which in the images is juxtaposed with parallel surrounding for daily existence; the cold and silent universe, the “non-place”. Apart from built environment, the non-human natural world lies in the dark. The work has been on display e.g. at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art: / Watch a demo video of The Walls of My Hall