Shine On You, Eevaliisa / Video work consisting of three parts: The Revolt, The Structure of Sleep and Shine On You, Eevaliisa / HD video, installation, sound / Sound design by Pasi Salmi / 2014


The Revolt (2014) describes a sensation of collective depression experienced in the times of super individualism, yet magical realistic events may take place. In remote suburbia the characters sunken in their existence decide to make contact with each other. Embracing a stranger, an other, can as gesture be seen as a kind of revolt.
Besides deriving inspiration from the sensation of silence and stillness, Shine on You, Eevaliisa (2013) describes the event of giving a perception meaning. In this video work the surrounding – the sense-based, silent surface of the world – is approached by wandering and eventually by patient waiting. The key moment of the work can be seen as a manifestation of the human condition; a moment of mundane gone broken where one can’t find a clear reason for the things observed and where one’s rational apparatus therefore proves to be insufficient. Silently flabbergasting as well as mundane or humorous, this kind of events can be described sublime too – they force us to give in or move to areas of guessing and believing.
The Structure of Sleep (2014) describes both the insanity and the alienated fragility, a beauty of a kind, that can be found in mundane human behaviour, the little tasks we undertake. The piece takes place in a completely man-made environment, a single house, where a group of characters moves as being part of a choreography. Together with objects, surfaces, signs and representations of nature they create a self-coherent structure, an order of a kind.

Please ask for a password to view demo video of Shine On You, Eevaliisa here
Please ask for a password to view demo video of The Structure of Sleep here