For G, as Ground / Installation in two parts / Video, installation, mixed media, photographs, 5 part poem, a publication, performance / Size varies / Sound design by Petri Alanko / 2021-22

For G, as Ground is grounded on a thick, lived sensation of the body being deeply intertwined with the surrounding material world and its bodies at large. It’s a contemplation on the aftermath of a serious accident of a family member – on a slow observation of a human body rebuilding itself from almost the point zero. On how time bends, cultural time seems to vanish and the time of the corporeal, physical or geological processes take over. How the focus is on a deep breath, cells working, liquids moving and entities of matter being in a constant osmosis. On how matter is penetrating, is being penetrated or collide. On how a deep material sensation can be comforting, like disintegrating bodies decomposing into colourful particles. On how bodies are born, die, taking on a metamoprhosis, co-agency or blossom. On how bodies can heal or be healed. On how language nibbles the world and fails, and then, falls apart. On how love is a matter of matter.

Apart from lived experiences the work is inspired by semiotics, the tradition of lamenting as a proactive ritual, spoken word and matter in all forms.
Performers; Jessie Bullivant, Sari Hiltunen, Johanna Ketola, Muriel Kuoppala, Astri Laitinen, Katja Lautamatti, Sara Salamäki, Johanna Sipilä and Reetta Sironen.

Please ask for a password to view the whole 5 part poem in video format in English here

In your spinal cord there is a dark, blue, and deep lake